CAD Standards
When designs are drafted within the boundaries of a corporate standard, it reduces liability, saves time and reduces the risks of delivering inaccurate designs. Corporate Montage has assisted many organisations in defining, documenting and executing CAD standards in the drafting office. Integration of CAD standards into the CAD interface, combined with complete documentation is the best way to achieve drawing consistency, eliminate needless setup time and manual checking processes. The benefits from integrating standards into work processes is endless. For example, it will ensure integrity of your designs, provide uniformity, increase efficiency and productivity, integrate new users faster and improve the bottom line.

Corporate Montage has been an authorised developer for MicroStation systems since 1991. We can assist you in introducing and executing CAD Standards in your drawing office, developing applications specific to your requirements and customizing your MicroStation workspace. It can even be as simple as recommending specific solutions for your projects and customized training courses. Contact Corporate Montage today and learn how our professional services can help your organization. 
CAD Bureau Services
In addition to our specialised CAD standards service we provide services in other disciplines such as:

  • Civil
  • Mechanical, schematics and piping
  • Electrical, schematics
  • Geological and Geophysical
  • Survey

It's time to WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER. At Corporate Montage, we believe in continuous improvement and learning. We believe there's a better way of doing things. We believe that successful and profitable CAD drawing offices depend on the efforts of well-trained and skilled team members.

The training department is one of several CM resources designed to enhance your CAD knowledge and skills. Choosing Corporate Montage as your training partner means you will be trained by leading developers of applications for MicroStation. Years of hands-on experience with both MicroStation and AutoCad and skilled trainers ensure the quality of training and material learnt is unrivalled. With practical experience in the industry, our trainers speak your language fluently and understand your concerns. We offer a range of MicroStation and AutoCAD training courses to suit every skill level and requirement. Specialized and customized courses are also available. Contact Corporate Montage to discuss our training plan today.