Our Data Services
  • SINGLE FOCUS, Specialize in Oil & Gas
  • Extensive knowledge of maps & well logs
  • Experience in digitizing logs & maps
  • Work in partnership with client librarians
  • Bar code utilization
  • Document archiving
  • Hyperlinked indexes
  • Well log scanning
  • Well log copying
  • Well Log Digitizing (into workstation ready format)
  • Scan & Index..
    Change the way your company handles data by placing all your Documents, Well Files, Well Logs, and Maps at your fingertips. By providing hyperlinked text, bookmarks, and menus, Corporate Montage creates interactive PDFs that make searching and retrieving data effortless. This editable file format can be utilized across a vast array of document management systems, allowing you and your employees utilize the system that meets your company's needs.  
    Implementing barcodes takes scanning and indexing to a new intelligent level. The whole process is Windows compatible and easily integrated into document management systems. 
    Our document indexing makes data retrieval effortless. Whether it's cross-referencing files, searching well log data, or combing though lease titles, allowing Corporate Montage to index your data will mean never being at a loss for the information your business needs. 
    Whether you need land records, well files, well logs, reports, maps, or charts, we provide high volume scanning up to 54" in width. Scanning your documents allows us to create high quality data files that can even repair and enhance older files you might currently have in storage. This document capturing service will make storing information a breeze, and take away the hassle of maintaining hard copies that are past their prime.  
    Data Room Experts..
    Putting a O&G Data Room together should not be a hard task. We provide exceptional flexibility and we strive to simplify the process, while delivering quality services. Ask us how we can make your next data room preparation and exhibition a pleasant experience.  We will integrate and work with your geologist, engineers, and geotechs to extract data from boxes, folders, file cabinets, and digital data storage to produce a high end data room delivered in an array of various formats such as:

    ECM Solution Partner
    • Digital DVDs with hyperlinked menus
    • Secure online digital vault and FTP Site
    • Hardcopy documents
    • Summary Montages
    • Various large format posters plotted and laminated