Reprograhic Services
  • O&G Data Room preparations
  • Due diligence & document transfer
  • Document scanning
  • Document bar coding
  • Document archieving
  • Large format plotting up to 60"width
  • Large format scanning up 54" width
  • Well log scanning
  • Well log copying
  • Well log digitizing
  • Plotting of CGM+ & CAD files
  • Printing of pitch books
  • Digital color copying
  • Reproduction of reports
  • Reproduction of training manuals
  • Lamination of maps and charts
  • Mounting on foam & gator board
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Data Room Experts..
    Putting a O&G Data Room together should not be a hard task. We provide exceptional flexibility and we strive to simplify the process, while delivering quality services. Ask us how we can make your next data room preparation and exhibition a plesant experience. 
    From old microfilms and faded sepias to digital documents, we have state of the art equipment to reproduce either in black and white or in color. High quality digital copies output. 
    Whether you need land records, well logs, reports, maps or charts, we provide high volume scanning up to 54" in width. In addition to scanning, barcoding and archieving is also provided as a professional service. 
    Our geotechs understand why it is very important to keep a well log straight while scanning or copying it. We are experts in converting hardcopy data to digital industry formats such as LAS. We digitize: maps, well logs, charts and production graphs at various linear and log scales. 
    Our expert knowledge of the file formats in the Oil & Gas Industry makes a number one choice for plotting services. Through experience, we have become familiar in handling over several dozen file formats. From CGM, CGM+ seismic data to CAD DGN and DWG formats. No problem! Continuous length and up to 60" in width. High quality inkjet plotting up to 1200dpi. 
    Laminate & Mount...
    Matte and gloss finishes with various thickness of laminate. Durable tradeshow laminate is popular for tradeshow exhibits. Mounting on foam and gatorboards is ideal for poster or prospect displays.