Prospect Presentation Tips 
  • Show your prospect location in a drill down fashion, denoting the region, the field, and the location
  • Mark your seismic section on a map as A-A’ or something similar
  • Link/connect the pays or zones in your seismic and log sections
  • Provide a prospect summary with the necessary economic data
  • For added emphasis, compare the economics with a more popular play in the area
  • Add a 3D Model to create interest with the non geoscientist audience
  • Create a montage with all the necessary data in order for the seller to present the  material in a more orderly fashion thus saving time for valuable discussion
  • Provide hand outs with technical illustrations and a summary of the important aspects and economics of the prospect
  • NOTE- These tips can be acted upon without any material increase in the cost of the exhibit, while yielding a much more effective presentation.